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Administrator (LNHA)

The Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (LNHA) in a skilled nursing/nursing facility is responsible for overseeing daily operations and management of the entire facility to ensure it is in compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations. LNHA are also responsible for census development, resident/patient care, positive employee relations, management of the budget and implementing facility programs.

Education & Experience
Administrators must obtain at least a bachelor’s degree in public health, healthcare administration, business administration or similar, as well as have completed core subject matter areas. An approved 1,000 hour practicum must also be completed, as well as passing both a state and national exam.

Average Starting Salary

Statewide Salary Average 


Assisted Living/Housing Manager

The housing manager/executive director in an assisted living is responsible for overseeing daily operations of the assisted living community, including relations with the arranged home care provider.

Education & Experience
Housing Managers must have an understanding of resident care management, personnel management, organizational management, physical environment management, and business/financial management.

Average Starting Salary 

Statewide Salary Average

Career Path Opportunities
Nursing Home Administrator

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